Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It’s a journey.......

Monday I reestablished my goals.   I have become embarrassed at the way I look and feel.  And I am supposed to be a motivator of others.  How could that possibly be.  I bend over and my belly greets me.  YUCK! 

Monday, I took these photos of me as a reminder of where I am. 

One might say, not bad.   You are going to be 51, after all.   And if I was content with how I look and feel, I might agree.  

BUT... I want to climb mountains, swim oceans, bike across states and run marathons.  Did I say that?  

And in order to that, I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.   And step outside my comfort zone.  And make it real.

Care to join me on this wonderful adventure? 

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