Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today, I realized again how energy is relevant-- in terms of consumption.


Yesterday, I taught two spin classes, and I ran/walked 3 miles. AND... I hadn't consumed enough energy. Still recovering from the beginning of the week, today, I felt tired and headachy, and cold. I was hungry, but I wasn't. (I think that was the headache). One might think I was sick...... And I realized tonight, after eating again (I eat when I am hungry and after drinking some water) that I had not consumed enough calories this week. And while I am working a balancing act to eat appropriately to lose the body fat, I still need to eat.


I was recently told that my body appearance is a reflection of my eating. And while I agree with this, there are sometimes other factors..... My issues generates from my relationship with food, and thus my relationship with myself. I look in the mirror and do not always like what I see. And I use food as my weapon.


This week was not the case of that rally point for me...... This week was simply not eating enough, to satisfy my bodies demands. Tomorrow, I am scheduled to teach spin and run 3 miles......


My goal: is to lose 60 pounds in the next year.


It is time I get serious. This is my health. This is my life.

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