Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In light of history......

The history is that I excel for a week or two, and cave to...... All those things that become excuses.

My personal history of the past year is beginning again..... And again, and again.

This year I set goals and resolved not to write out plans I wouldn't adhere to..... Anyone can write the plan, it takes someone serious to execute these.

And in reflection of current health events in my family and my relentless hamstring injury, I am forging onward. I have been doing more cycling, more coaching and I need to show the example. My execution may not be perfect, but I anticipate becoming better in my ability to perform.

This week I am focusing on riding in each class. And I plan to run at least twice. I want to ensure I can handle the volume of my current responsibilities before adding more. I feel stronger and fitter, albeit a little tired today.

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