Sunday, June 23, 2013

I stopped counting calories.....

Well, I don't think I ever did count them.   I have been using My Fitness Pal (an app you can find for your Iphone and Android based phone) to determine energy expenditure and ensure I am eating enough-- you see I am one who gets busy and can have food in front of me and not eat.

My Fitness Pal.... measures exercise and food and water intake.   Great for me to track what I am eating-- it creates accountability.   You know for the human factor-- how many pieces of dark chocolate did I just eat?-- or I just ate the whole bag of pita chips?  Which is good..... but honestly, I hate it.   I hate having to think of measuring everything, or worrying about how many raspberries I actually ate, was it a cup or was it more, or exactly how much spinach did I put in my omelette?  The result-- I am sure my calories are off by several hundred daily-- either way..... too much or too little.

And so, I have STOPPED counting calories.  It is funny as I logged on to write this, I found this article:    When is a calorie not a calorie?    The author shares insights about what I am sharing now.

I have learning to listen to my body.  I am learning to eat like a child again-- in other words, a bite will satisfy, it is OK to leave food on the plate, and let my body decide what it wants or needs.  Our bodies are pretty smart-- the problem is we have been teaching/learning bad things and telling our body to be quiet.

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