Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Taking it to the Track

On this chilly morning, my goal was to run 7 x 400m at 3k pace with a 3 minute recovery.

And so, I ran to the high school track. It was a balmy 19 degrees this morning and I still felt warm. The distance to the track is close to 2km, so I was warm when I arrived.

I stepped onto the track. The memories of the track I ran on for four years came back.... and now, no one was here to coach, to orchestrate, to observe. It was just me and my watch.

And the first 400m began....... before I knew how much time had passed, I was beginning the seventh and last 400m for the day. This was easier than last week. I felt stronger. I felt better about the overall run.

I knew my competitive nature would show-up once I stepped onto the track.

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