Saturday, December 4, 2010

running the workout later in the week.....

Wednesday's hill sprints are finished!! ..... on saturday.

Wednesday, i woke to ugly rain..... monsoon type weather..... weather that would have compromised my safety to take on the challenge of the hill run..... so, I chose to post-pone the run.
For the record, I HATE TREADMILLS! So, I would rather put off a run, than run on a treadmill..... (in fact the more I see of traditional fitness facilities, the more I hate equipment-- ever notice it is wall-to-wall equipment, with no room to breathe?..... isn't training about movement, instead of standing in one spot?)

So, this am.... a brisk morning, I headed to the hill..... to run... 3 x 2 min intervals at 3k tempo with a 2 minute recovery.... and today, the intervals, while challenging were accomplished.

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