Saturday, December 11, 2010

NJCU 100-day complete

My challenge with my students is complete!!! IN this, I formally challenged myself to 140 days, to set the foundation for my pursuit of excellence.

I took note of this yesterday, when the day officially ended.... and yes, I hopped on the scale.
This morning, I stepped on the scale again and wowowowow!!! I lost another 1.2#!!

Total weight loss since this whole journey began at the end of July is 23.5#!!

(Granted, I am still pursuing my true racing weight which is predicted at 160#. I say predicted as I might arrive there and find it needs to be lower or perhaps higher).

I have lost 2" off my waist and 4% body fat. Not absolutely thrilled with that.... need to work more on fat burning, and resistance training. Might even throw in some TABATA!!

But I am excited to see the progress and changes in my body!!

With the year wrapping up, I am by no means letting off the pressure to achieve my goals. I am looking forward to finishing this year strong and pursuing new and revised goals in 2011..... keeping in mind, I am also tracking my adventures through my birth year, which begins again in august!!!

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