Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the New Year right....

This morning.....

I managed to clip my shin just right on the corner of my cedar chest!! YAY!!! Taking one for the team.... and it really, really, really hurt.... Well, I just thought that it was because I hit it just so... AND THEN, I looked at my leg. I took a big chunk out of my shin. OUCH!!!!

Yay!!! My first bump of 2012!!!

And then I weighed in after eating breakfast and drinking lots of fluids, so the results might be skewed... but I am up 2# after being sick. I don't think I am going to gain any more back. I will take it. I feel good. And I am continuing my goals for 2012.

I then went to Gooseberry Island, in Westport. There was a walking tour of the island. I ended up walking the island by myself.... LOL. But alas it was a beautiful day and a great day to be walking and smelling the salt air and enjoying/celebrating life.

How did your New Year's begin?

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