Friday, January 6, 2012

6 January.....

It is now Friday!!!

This week took off like a whirl-wind.... and I was along for the ride!!!!
Two spin classes taught, one participated. Runs. And a swim!!!
This morning, I slept.

I woke to snow. It looked like someone had had fun with an air brush and sprayed the ground.

I feel good. A little tired b/c of the up late, out early routine that has been adopted, and the split shifts as I am adopting new work routines.

Eating feels good. I was 'craving' asian food... and so I bought wonton soup... the place i buy it from puts kale leaves and pork strips in the broth, so the soup is amazing with or without the wontons... which sometimes, i cannot be bothered with.... and beef with broccoli. It was perfectly steamed, and seasoned lightly.... and I ate it without the rice. (Granted they give you enough food for three or four people.... so, I had several meals through the week).

Swim lessons... i wish the pools would turn up the heat a little bit. If I am teaching lessons and shivering.... what are the kids doing that are taking the lessons??? It is way not cool.

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