Thursday, January 19, 2012

And so I fasted....

I have been working on this on Wednesday evenings and Sundays.
This has been a struggle, until yesterday.... well, maybe not a struggle.... but i seem to be able to find excuses to eat. Granted, I eat when I am hungry.

Normally on Wednesdays, I teach swim lessons in the evening and because I am in COLD water, I am HUNGRY when I get out of the pool. Yesterday, my strategy was different. I ensured I had water available throughout the day. I was certain I was properly hydrated. AND I ate my 'lunch' later in the day.... partially because I had an on-line chatter session, and partially because I wasn't hungry. In doing so, I wasn't hungry in the evening. I did, however, drink a cup of mocha coffee after swim lessons.... I was cold.

And this morning, I woke feeling tired because of the early hour. I did not feel hungry. I drank water, and went to teach spin. After class, I enjoyed breakfast.... an two-egg omelette, with feta cheese, olives, slivered almonds and spinach. I feel great.

And BTW, I dropped two pounds since my last weigh in.

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