Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't eat in front of the television!

Mindless calories.... is usually what happens when we sit in front of the TV to eat. Before you know it, that bag of 'chips' is empty, the plate of food clean.... even though you may no longer have been hungry half way through. When we eat in front of the TV, we are distracted. The focus is no longer on the food, the meal, and the enjoyment of it. I know if I eat in front of the television, I am distracted.

Living alone presents challenges. I eat many meals alone. It is easy to focus on many other things.... except when I am 'sharing' my meal with my cats. They like what I eat.

I was recently introduced to the book, F*ck Calories (you can down load here for free!).
The author shares interesting insights. I laughed through some of it, and thought much of it is wisdom I have shared. I encourage the read.... as the author shares thoughts that dispute conventional wisdom.

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