Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That wonderful muscle feeling.....

You know the feeling of.... not quite an ow.... the feeling of I feel good. I trained yesterday.

I have been training for my half-marathon (26 February), for a week now. This is week two. I added a strength component, which is actually an overall program... includes remedial, high-intensity, some aerobic, core and overall wellness.

Yesterday, I began this six-week program. And this morning.... I feel good. My muscles have that little ache where they are reminding me they trained.... but I am not sore. That is a very good thing!!!

We should feel like we accomplished something. But we need to remember that recovery is an essential part of training. If I am so sore that I cannot move the next day or for several days afterwards, there is a serious problem. I did too much.

I am looking forward to today...... Running 30/30s and I am doing 7 x 400s at 5k pace.
The 30/30s are part of the training today. The 400s are my half-mary training.

Later this week, or next..... I am going to add the cycling and swimming. I enjoy both, and I do not want these to take away from my running, but I also have several tris planned for 2012.

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