Sunday, December 4, 2011

Down 4.4

This morning brought the total weight loss over the last two weeks to 4.4#.

It is pretty amazing how the body lets go, when you are doing it right. The body clings to stuff when it isn't getting the nutrients/calories it needs.

And there was an interesting report by Dr John Berardi, a nutritionist. He recently did a self-experiment on intermittent fasting. It is funny to hear people chatter about this.....
we all fast at night, generally for about 12 hours when we are sleeping, and then we break fast with the first meal of the day. And then you hear people who need to eat every 3 hours.... i always raise an eyebrow... b/c this is what the 'industry' wants people to believe is 'healthy'.... and i just think ok. I always wonder how someone can eat to satisfaction and then be hungry in three hours, what is wrong with their blood sugar levels. It sounds like addiction, not hunger. *True hunger, BTW, is experienced in the throat.* And then I wonder how much fruits and veggies they are eating, compared to the protein sources.... and what are the protein sources. *Yes, when I follow a controlled fast with fruits during the day, I am 'hungry' more frequently.... b/c it takes less to satisfy, and then it needs to be replenished. I have also found this to be true, when eating processed food-- can't get enough.... part of the way the food is made, creating addicts. And then when I eat lots of lean meats.... the protein takes longer to process but as it is digested, b/c of the lack of fiber content, creates an emptiness in the gut....

And all of this reminds us to eat balanced. I eat when I am hungry. And most of the time this is in the form of three meals a day..... sometimes less.

Most importantly: I am eating.

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