Friday, November 4, 2011

Creating Inertia

An object at rest stays at rest, unless a force greater than the rest acts upon it. This is one of Newton's Laws of Motion. Lately, I have been that object at rest. Yes, I am getting up and moving and doing. But I have been resting.

I could provide a plethora of excuses that would make me feel better and look good on paper; but the truth is.... I have been lazy. Laziness begets laziness. And the results are seen in my physique, on the scale and in my attitude.

So, I need something to create inertia. Something to give me a kick in the pants. Something to get my body moving. Something to motivate. Because the results of my actions, clearly are not enough.

I need to re-work the 90% rule. Instead of 90% lazy; I only need to be 10%.

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