Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend.

Because of different family stuff during the past month, my parents were unable to voyage to the south coast of MA to visit for Thanksgiving.
I had hoped to do a turkey trot in the morning.... and I woke when the race was expected to begin. I felt tired, achy, tired, and not wanting to do much of anything. I got up and went for a walk/run anyway, hoping it would help with my mood. It did a little.

I am spent.

The college semester is almost over. The commute back and forth is consuming lots of energy and trying to find work (substantial work) is less than amusing. I could write a book about the mentality and attitude of some, because I am doing the responsible thing and working, albeit in NJ until I find work here. I could write another book on all the people who give advice. I know it is well-meaning. I am grateful. But sometimes, I am just like... really?

And so, Thanksgiving found herself alone with Aries, Leo and me. The cats have been getting along better. I cannot believe it has only been a week since Aries came to join the tribe. He has definitely made his mark. He runs the roost, so to speak. Leo yields to him.
I enjoyed a peaceful walk/run. I went to the beach. It was great. The sun shining.
And then I returned home to enjoy a quiet day with a book, a movie and a NCIS marathon. It was great to do much of nothing. It was great to rest.

Yesterday, 'Black Friday'..... I left the house after 8am and returned with all my errands before noon. I am grateful for Black Friday because the stores were open earlier, and I did find a new robe. I haven't seen a flier (I don't buy the paper..... maybe I should start. Sunday's only). But I had to get stuff that I need to live. I wasn't Christmas shopping-- I was doing the mundane stuff I need to do to live.... and then I came home and cleaned. (Oh, I did buy a christmas tree. A norfolk pine. It is on my deck... and I trust someone will want to plant it after Christmas).

This morning.... I cooked the pork chops, I enjoyed a grapefruit and two hard-boiled eggs, and some quiet time on the deck. Aries joined Leo and myself this morning. Well, he is part of the family now. He needs to learn that the deck is the only outside.... or he will not go outside.

Today, off to storage and laundry--- i need to wash my linens and rugs. The sun is coming up... I can dry them outside!

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