Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here is the end of January....

What a month!!!!

I have begun my weekly journey to New Jersey from Massachusetts, for work and then return for play!! Still working out the kinks... but alas, I have 13 more weeks of this semester and one is spring break!!! LOL.... I am looking forward to the break, for so many reasons.

I am looking out my back window as I write this.... the yard is covered in snow.... and while I like snow, I am tired of the beating we have taken and how it is affecting my travels.

I am learning more about my resilience and my fortitude.... and I know great things are coming my way as I keep focused on the goals I have set before me.

Today, I ran 5k.... not much compared to the mileage I was putting in prior to the relocate, but I am pleased. The last couple of days I have felt achy, cranky and tired... and I was fighting a cold. I kicked the cold to the curb! and now, I feel strong and able to continue on my journey.... even if, I have to take a step backward to proceed forward.

I weighed in this morning.... month end totals: -5.6# and -1.4% body fat!
I have lost a total of 28.6# since I began this journey.

I am really happy and excited about this..... and I am looking forward to continuing my journey!

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