Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY TWO 2011:

And this morning....

I found myself on a 5.10 mile run.... I ran 1 mile warm-up, a 5k time trial and 1 mile warm-down.

My 5k-- not a pr, but two of the individual miles (the first two were pr's....the second faster than the first) and then I lost the tempo in the last 1.3 miles of the run..... AND overall, the experience was a positive one. A learning experience about going out hard..... A learning experience about pushing myself to the limit..... A learning experience about what I am capable of with a week off from training.

And then I enjoyed a cup of coffee on the way home....... and the long walk back.

AND..... I did a weigh-in on my return. While the weight (number on the scale) has not changed, my body fat has dropped 2%.

I am looking forward to upping my training tomorrow as this is going to be my best fitness year!!

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