Sunday, March 13, 2016

Clock Confusion


As I post this on Daylight Savings time, the day we spring ahead, for reasons that make sense to someone, I jest at the thought of Clock Confusion. I recently was catapulted to Texas from the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, changing time zones in the process. The world had been starting an hour earlier for me up until mid-January.

Living with cats who do not understand time zone changes, and want to be fed, my normal patterns are really messed up. Nanuk has been waking me at 3:30am. In his defense, it would be the time we would be waking if we were still in MA. And the other boys join in the quest for me to feed them. I have learned it is simpler to wake and feed, so I can sleep. They settle after being fed. Unfortunately, I am not always able to fall back to sleep, end up reading, and then sleep until 7 or 8 am.

I am looking forward to regaining a pattern.

Perhaps, this will happen as I recommence my training which has tapered off due to nutritional restrictions, due to unforeseen financial restrictions.

I feel challenged.

But I will continue pressing forward.

I am determined,

more than ever to complete my Run the Year, 2016 this year, having completed 222.1miles so far.

I am determined to lose those last pesky-pounds. I have recently dropped 15.0.

I am determined to achieve my goal of doing one more ironman by the age of 50.

I am determined to continue to influence young-women to pursue their athletic goals.

Won't you join me? What are you determined to accomplish?

I want to hear from you about your goals and objectives. I want to hear your success stories, as I share mine.


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