Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Toward 2018......... I reflect on 2017.  
Tomorrow is Monday, the first of the New Year.   It brings a new page, of a new chapter of a new book.   Having built on the previous chapters, I am excited about the adventure coming my way.  
I am afterall pursuing a #BQat50.  Thr good news is:  I can run a slower marathon, needing a 4:09 to qualify.   9-minute miles.  Yes, I have it calculated.   And I am running the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon on 28July. 
And the training resumes tomorrow.   I have chosen a program through an APP, that will keep me on course, but can deviate from.  Game plan:  Hot Chocolate 15K 28Jan, RodeoRun 10K 22Feb, and a half-mary in May to serve as a check up.  
Regardless of the end result, this will be a wonderful adventure.  I look forward to sharing it with you!  
Keep in mind, I firmly believe that, Respect is Earned when Noone is Looking!  
This means I will share what I am gaining from this process, not necessarily the process itself. (Which can be a challenge in the social media trap). It is my hope you will enjoy amd learn from this, to commence your own journey.  
Will you join me? 

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