Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Every step moves me toward my goals......

A friend shared this on his FB wall, and it really hit home today.   I have successfully been a coach potato when I should be training.  No wait, I have not been training to my level of expectations and opted for the ‘object at rest’ part of the program.   
It has been a tough two weeks.  Houston was COLD.   Not that I haven’t seen cold before, but it was COLD!   Below freezing temperatures and a non-heated, not insulated apartment contributed to my attempt at staying warm, and not my purposeful training.   
And so today, I headed out to tackle three-miles. 
This was by far one of the most difficult runs EVER!   Not because 3-miles is tough, but because 3-miles is tough.   Or can be.   My feet hurt, my body hurt, i was hungry, i was thirsty, i was tired.............
And knowing I needed to reteach myself how to be comfotable being uncomfortable I ran.   Slowly.  But I ran.  
I focused on tackling this, one step at a time.   I focused on foot placement and picking up tempo and slowing down, and doing mini-sprints or strides randomly down the street, AND the last half-mile, I purposefully and intently picked up the tempo to challenge my run to the finish.   
Because I am chasing down a BQ.   And while the entire run was far from perfect, I was teaching myself to endure, to challenge, to commit and to make it happen.  
It is a process.   And tomorrow is another day to learn, amd to train.   All of this will get me to the finish line.  Even with socks!  

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