Sunday, December 17, 2017

Santa Hustle

This morning 3000 or more Santas descended on Galveston for the Santa Hustle.   There was a sea of Santas running and walking through the streets.  
And I was one of them!  
This morning, I fell in love with running all over again.   After some serious stuff and struggles and a week of fighting a cold, I was out there participating in the 5K.  I walked a little, ran a little, walked a little more and remembered why I love running.   Amd remembered that not every run has to be so serious!   As I embarking on the pursuit of a BQ at 50, my training is taking a serious turn.  But today, it was fun!   Singing and laughing and enjoying the JOY of the SEASON!  
Tomorrow, the serious-side resumes.  BUT today reminded me that we need silly run days.  It keeps training and competing real.  

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