Friday, January 1, 2016

Run the Year 2016

Welcome 2016!

My crazy idea (signed up for it yesterday) is to run the year in miles. So, 2016, bring it.

Among my other crazy ideas-- I joined the Ragner be active every day for 30 days, swim Boston before Boston (yes, that is 26.2miles before Patriot's Day), and complete a half iron so I can conquer the iron next year, etc, etc, etc.

So, like turning the page in a book, I began a fresh start........

Day One: the first page...... And so, the story begins.

I went to run/walk the Delaware-Raritan Canal tow path.



It was peaceful with only a few others out on the path this morning. It was cold. And where was the sun?

I completed 2.91miles to begin my year.


It felt AMAZING!

I achieved my first milestone bib. Great motivation! And I am going to need to refer to it, perhaps frequently, since the next milestone is at 100miles. And as I entered my data to the mileage tracker, it looked funny to see such a small sliver in the pie.


Although I am looking forward to coloring in the pie throughout the year! And putting dollars in a jar! I stole, well ummm, borrowed this idea from someone else in the challenge. I like this idea! So, building athletically AND saving some money!


The New Year is upon us! I have started coloring in my new book. This is going to be fun!




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