Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rowing hurts your bottom....

..... afterall, every stroke consists of a squat and an arm pull, and then recovery.....

I love rowing. Once I learned how to properly row, I have used it as a cross-training, fitness tool. Someday, I would like to have my own Concept 2 Rower.

This morning, after a dynamic warm-up, I rowed 3000m. I started with 9 repetitions of 30-30s, and moved to a recovery. The goal was 10 minutes..... I completed 5. I was bored honestly. I have decided that rowing is one of the few exercises that probably needs to be completed with head phones on, at the gym. If I was home.... I would turn up the stereo. Or.... next time, I could row with a friend.

Any takers?

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