Wednesday, December 26, 2018

BHAG — what’s that?

On my Facebook BIZ Page, MSJ Athletics and MSJ 4 Her, I asked the question, WHAT IS YOUR BIG GOAL? 

You know the GOAL that keeps showing up, the one that from time to time seems allusive, the goal that makes the others in the bucket list jealous...... YES, That Goal! 

And a client responds — BHAG! And of course I like the comment before understanding what that means.   And so, I relied on my trusty friend Google to fill me in.  

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal, 
An idea conceptualisée in the book, 
‘Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies.’
By James Collins and Jerry Porras.

According to Collins and Porras, a BHAG is a long-term Goal that changes the very existence of a business’ existence.

And that thought really got the thought wheel turning.   What are my goals for the business?  And do they line up with my goals for my personal, professional and athletic endeavors?   As a party of one, I need all forces headed in the same direction. Otherwise, I feel like a ship divided and many oars headed in different directions.   And if they are not aligned, what needs to change?  

The good news is ALL are congruent.   All are taking me down the path of endurance sports, and coaching, and development.  

The interesting surround my struggles.   

And my struggles surround my get-up-and-go factor.   
I have accomplished some pretty cool things.  Just the fact that I seized the adventure to move to Texas, instead of tucking my tail between my legs and feigning defeat speaks of my spirit.  BUT I TOO STRUGGLE.  I struggle at times to move with the idea, and I find myself mulling over it when it should be acted upon or tossed aside.   And sometimes I struggle to just plain move!!

And I say that as I continue my battle with my self-image, my current weight, and my lack of movement.  And sometimes the desire to do so.
In all honesty, I can be the the biggest couch potato ever.   

And I suffer for it.  When I don’t get up and at least walk every day, I feel it in my joints.   
I want to perform well at runs, because I enjoy these, and yet I am equally content sitting on my butt.  
Something in my head needs to switch on or off, so my get-up-and-go, get me moving again.  

Additionally, it affects my weight.   I have been yo-yo-ing between 20pounds, losing and seemingly gaining it back.  I have done ALL the diets du jour and been successful, but then I crave X, Y, or Z, indulge, AND the success is flushed.  And my effort is wasted.  
Take-away: no diets du jour for me.   

But through all this...... 
I continue to set lofty goals.  And I do pursue them.   
Whether business related, fitness and performance related, these goals are there.  I write them down.   I plan how to conquer.  I know how to execute, but sometimes I am seemingly lost. 

My focus for 2019 has become the follow-through.   Yes, I have some lofty objectives, and some mediocre ones as well, serving as stepping stones to the lofty.   And my directive is to do something every single day to improve upon, to empower me, and to work toward each of these goals.

The first of these is to be more open to sharing with you.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  It’s coming to you.  The purpose to show my human side, and let you see others face the same struggles as you do.   I expect to hear from you regarding your BHAG, and the driving force behind it.  Additionally, if I can help you conquer that, please reach out or visit me at MSJ Athletics    Schedule a chat session.   


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